Jumat, 04 November 2011


What is happening ..
I was so hard to express it ..
Silence .. teardrop hearts meet niche ..
I'm confused ..
who's wrong?
God created us all equal ..
Everything had a dream ..
All have ideals
Not all that be real
Learning .. is the process to achieve a dream
Is your heart so sick when I saw other people managed to enter the school he wanted?
Not? Maybe it is supposed we should be proud her
Then, how about you? Did you achieve the same thing?
Then whose fault is this? One of myself ..
I tried even though I know it will be very difficult, stressful ..
In that moment
I just asked Him
Please give me the best choice..
the best for me now in this world and life in akhirat ..
And  I think .. He had chosen the best for me
But .. there are still feelings of discontent that haunts my mind
Sad .. Tears .. all lead to regret ..
"Oh Rabb, You are the only place to ask ..
I'm sure .. you give me what I need, Insha Allah .. this is the best.
Guide me, to be a girl that know how to grateful for all that You have gave for me
until this second
make me be  patient me .. delete my sorrow .. raised my spirits
because the real
I'm so fragile .. "

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