Kamis, 05 Januari 2012

Cause.. I'm just Ordinary Girl..

January 4, 2011 was a tiring day. To be honest I've compiled a list of activities for the day but, it all falls apart =.= I'm really disappointed. I want to go campus for his signature the list of values, to the bank, fill pulses modem, and if there is time to accompany my older sister to go MTC, trus to Nuya's house to comeback her dreamhigh's DVD cassetes. Whoaaaa .. I still like the first. Why am I so hard to resist, why are more use feeling than reasonable wear feeling, how pity .
She .. I want to be with you, but I want to leave campus as soon as possible because the agenda is mounting, and quickly got home. However, why am I so felt "uncomfortable" to leave you alone to take care of your grades file is problematic. This is not your fault, not your fault .. I was too scared to talk, too scared you're sad, and scared you be offended if I left early ... hiks, sob .. sob ..

Well, everything is messy and .. I'm not go to the bank because the bank closed, I also late up into the home ; ( Not to mention on campus, if my math final have a bad value "serious concern" for me .. huufft it was shameful for a student of state university that entrance without test. I am ashamed all. It was the umpteenth time I was down because of mathematics. Today I'm not accidentally dropped my friends phone, it .. it .. hufft friend .. excuse me, I do not accidentally. Alhamdulillah your mobile phone can still be used. That's because I was too shocked because assistant lectur say, nothing improvements to mathematical tets, so sad =.=
Back at home, the mood was mixed up .. whoaaaa anticipate with lulur + creambath .. and graduated from 16-20 episode drama Secret Garden. Today I forgot to take medication again; (naughty at all .. I forget, and I do not have time, I did not eat dinner. For some reason I downloaded string version 2NE1 - Lonely, whoaa .. after scrutiny of this song remind me of that guy .. and then my brother, this song for you .. I dont know .. until this moment, are your love sincere or not? Sorry we end up with a very sad, I was lonely in our dating times, you are also right? Sorry ..
Today troubled, O God .. My sins seemed to have more overlap. Excuse me .. I always wanted to be close to You, although his examination was able to shake the heart .. Oh God forgive us .. T_T

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