Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Part. 5 True Story


My Eyes
I want my eyes
God I wish my eyes
My eyes are used to
My eyes ... the sister said "beautifull eyes"
My eyes .. my eyes that sparkled with a question mark
God ..
I want its
I feel its been dimmed
The light was no longer seem perfectly
I felt the change was very drastic
I struggled with it for too long
Of course ..
Oh God .. ottokhae
I'm afraid
I am afraid can not see
God ..
God .. help me
I'm afraid
Forgive my rudimentary
Yet rightly use their sense of thy creation
The Lord.
I want them back.
Lord, help me
complete the function
I do not want glasses
Because I want "eyes" are so precious from You,
Forgive me Lord ..
Excuse me ..

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