Senin, 30 Januari 2012

What's going on...

lately I always want to be with and spend time with Mom at home
whether it helps her at home cooking or washing dishes, folding laundry, or clean the home, even though to spend the time to just joke with her
I'm too lazy to go out for some reason ..
Lately I also always remember a lot about death
I often imagine what would happen if when I opened my eyes, I've gone on this earth anymore, or what happens if the mother or father died tomorrow
and it sometimes makes me sad, and cry alone
Until this moment, I am still learning to become better, more diligent, more pious, and further explore what the real meaning of life
My life can be said to be very perfect. In senior high school .. mm arguably the very fun at XII class, because I and my classmates spent much time together
I also have  rohis friends who enjoyable
it all seemed perfect

There's always a lump
I always felt was not optimal in exploiting or grateful for what God gives
Forgive me Lord
I was supposed to ....
I have a lot to learn if yesterday I wanted to get into dental school of hasanuddin university, or school of biological science and technology, institute of technology Bandung
and many things again
really ... very unfortunate

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