Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

This Is My Way Of Getting Better

I am well aware, how many of my shortcomings in the fight to be a pious child. I strive to be better. from that I learned in tarbiyah, mm .. to be a pious woman, also must to associate with people who are pious. Because of course we will also be pious, insha Allah :)

Through Muslim ukhuwah Makassar Forum ..

I want to change for the better

although this is an organization to preach to the younger siblings of gray and white

and I sometimes not commitment in my life. However, I believe .. to be among people who are always eager to worship God, always with a sincere striving to utilize a variety of media, sacrificing all the power, wealth, time to fix the muslimah student of senior high school that increasingly dilapidated, and bring them to tarbiyah Islamiyah, and make them

 become Muslimah that understand the meaning of life, know for what teen's time should be used, and how should a Muslim woman's ... I would be able to survive, istiqamah, and changed be better, balance...better in life, and hereafter.

insha Allah

keep fight!! :)

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