Jumat, 06 April 2012

How Could You ...

The best thing for every human being is loved by God
because if God has loved us,
the entire population of the heavens and the earth will love us

They said
they care
they know
they understand
they Islam

I feel weird
after I've learned
after I've saw
as I contemplate

many behavior of people around me that made me confused
Why do they've the heart to let her go home alone tonight?
Why could they let us pray delayed?
Why could them?

I do not know if my feelings are wrong
I always cry in my heart
I always feel guilty when I get in the midst of their
I was too frightened to say "no"
they too many had 1001 reasons to not say yes
although I felt i'm right,
and I must at one time go for a moment from their activity

I don't know
I do not feel comfortable
I feel I am slowly going away from You if I continue in the midst of them

My lovely Older brothers
I'm sorry
I know you'll be sick if knowing this
but my heart is cut

I fear if I can't undergo this
because I was afraid of losing love
Love of my Lord

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