Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

When the liver is unable to contain it ..

They feel fine
But I feel very worried
They feel their place like heaven
But for me a way that might keep me out of my Lord

You ..
May underestimate
Prayers are neglected
Touching a woman who has not lawful for you
Just skip when called  to prayer have came
Repatriate a woman alone at night
Stare over 3 seconds with a woman who is not mahram
For you ..
Your place now is a good place to study
But ..
dont  we need to learn Islam deeply?
Oh God ... I really want to explode
I'm sick of all these errors
I'm sick of all this violence
Did the prophet taught to not slap a woman?
I'm so sick ..
Ya Allah ..
Please help me make them to understand
Although I think it is very difficult
Ya Allah
Please help me to istiqamah
Although they always give millions of reasons that they must be right
Ya Allah
Please help them
to make their hearts, want to study Islam deeply

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