Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Mollayo .. I wanna free

I am confused to take important decisions
Should it be terminated or continued
I do not know '
Disgusting things seemed to have passed
However, new responsibilities have been waiting for
I feel
"This place does not suit me"
It was difficult to survive if only alone
alone feel if sometimes they deviate
alone feel if too many anomalies in the liver
alone which was to ignore everything in the liver
I am tired
I was bored
I started very sick
I want this to end
I want regardless

God .. don't pass me
if it got me away from You
I'm sure they are people of faith
it will be very difficult
if only I
just me
just me that kept feeling that if too many anomalies
sorry if a bit exaggerated
but my heart isn't calm
with you all
although I know
you are not 100% bad and annoying
such as the appearance of your
last year
This heart can't lie
I was tortured

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