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Suka- Cinta- Sayang-Nafsu? Islam has solution..

Ada yang bilang keempatnya memiliki makna yang berbeda. Kalo kamu bilang suka sama seseorang itu artinya  menyukainya layaknya barang, kenapa? karena kalo kamu mau beli barang kamu  nggak mungkin bilang "saya cinta hodie ini" tapi kamu bakal bilang "saya suka hodie ini" . Lain lagi Cinta dan Nafsu. Berdasarkan artikel yang pernah saya baca, kalo saya tidak salah mengartikannya kurang lebih authornya pengen bilang kalo.. gak ada yang namanya cinta pada pandangan pertama, yang ada adalah nafsu, itu bukan cinta. Sedangkan cinta. hadir karena kebiasaan. Hal itu berdasarkan penelitian (lupa namanya apa). Well... itu sedikit pandangan orang-orang yang kebetulan ter-save di kepalaku.
Crush somebody.. i really dont know. Whats the name if you like to see someone (from far distence), you look up to him coz his personality. He isnt much talk. In reality His 5 praying never  be avoid. He's calm. He's active on organisations. He's charismatic. What do you think about that? Ia it love, lust, or love? I hope this is just plain admiration. Much guilt in heart.. really feel guilty if be an agresive girl to look attention of man. It's embarassing (maybe). That I know.. Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala create us with each pair. Definitely. Ever you hear about adultery on Islam rule??? Yup!! We cant close to adultery, especially do it. Wana'udzubillah.. So, what about close to adultery? Wahh... i think much people that not aware did it already.  I think evil can whisper us from much way like Eye adultery, Hand adultery, Ear adultery, Heart adultery. And make us feel not guilt to do it, Astaghfirullah... maybe it happend cause we are so far away from Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala like we aren't pray, use veil, do all His orders, away from His ban. I know.. i also unperfect human, also ever do mistakes. But we must continually improve our self to be better than yesterday. This is not meaning in Islam we can't like someone. Islam is so beautifull, know and set much things from small until big things for humans life, Subhanallah. Islam teach us to control our feeling. Dont get close to adultery. Dont get to we love someone before the time. Zina/adultery is haram, and it includes the major sins. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala says:
"And come not nigh to fornication; actually that adultery is an indecency and an evil way." (QS. Al-Israa': 32) link

We cant close to adultery, especially do it.
In Islam we maybe never find ayat that ban us to have steady. I think its right but.. the activity of steady can make we get to closer with adultery. You say "Islamic Steady", My lovely friends... that is evil's whispers. Islamic steady that you think, can't guarantee us from adultery. It maybe form like love SMS that contains command us to do pray, read qur'an, etc. We often say "Islamic steady can make us near with Allah, he (my boyfriend) make me be better. Ask him! is he make his family already better than you ??. Come on girls.  Not you believe from Allah's promise??  He promise us every people have each couple. are you not sure? are you hesitate?

Please we be patient, we believe with Allah's promise. Allah never renege promise. Allah love you more than love of humans. Allah ban us to get close to adultery. And... steady make us close to it.
Only one that i know Allah allow us in make relation with our opposite, that WALIMAH or MARRIED. Would not it be wonderful dating in rule Islam? Subhanallah.. with married, we have bond with our husband or wife. So after you married, it's okay to do everything with your couple (of course suitable with rule of Islam) like that you say before marrried, "steady". SO if you cant be patient to control your feeling, control yourself, your gaze from steady.. you better get married and do it like touch him, gaze him, everything. Coz married can prevent you from do sins (adultery).
Do you know??  Islam teach us to not love things more than our love to Allah. So if you love Allah, if you believe with His promise, just be patient or always do all his order, and away from His ban. Remember, virtuous woman will get virtuous guy, Insya Allah. Wont you get it? Let's we always remember Allah when we start do sins. Insya Allah, Allah will give the best couple for us. Allah not going to waste our good deeds. Just keep husnudzon with Allah :)

*it's advice to me and to you ^^

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Wallahu'alam bis shawab

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