Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

When It, a little bitter…and give a shine hope

Long time I’m not write again hoho..
Somedays ago something wrong that I think
Many things.. and
It mustn’t I think it again
Cause it just make me weary-and tears rain
About what?
About my pass *****
Are all of people have dream to use the white coat in their future?
Are all of peple have obsesi to improve the other tooth?
Are they must be a clever man?

Whoaa.. what a stupid question
That’s a really really dream high
I know.. there is no dream that height, but the effort is too little
Whoaa.. said easier than done
Often I have a commitment
Just let it go as time go
And.. grow again your new goal, and new expectation.. for your future
I often to think, and compare two of that (my pass **** and my new sp) [red:study program]
Uhh… the satan whispers never yawnful to disturb and try to make me look poor
Oh.. God,
I’m sure You know  this eyes last year never dry
I’m sure You know this heart a little hurt to take the fact that I aint again, never again have dream to treat the other tooth, to busy and memorize much thing about mooth and it around, never again have dream to have my dream c** with my white coat

One time.. and as if erased just like that
But also I’m sure, I’ve always believe
Something that I want sometimes that not be my necessity
And also it isnt necessarily the best
This is not trully my word, but.. I keep my Allah’s promise
I’m sure this is the best way from Him that he present to me
Please support me, Ya Allah.. I‘m sure you never avoid me
Please keep my tears,
Please give me stronger, patience, sincerity to undergo everything in sight, and all that never imagin'
They.. whatever they say, whatever their argue

This is  my way, the best way that given by The best, My Lovely Allah..
Please keep my confident God, keep my prejudice, keep my spirit, keep my work hard,
Cause I have you.. Only you,
The Only One know evertything about me..


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