Kamis, 23 Mei 2013

Life Without Humairah..


Rain ..
You're accompanied it lost today
Friend who had accompanied my days in this campus
Since I stuttered until I started to get used in this faculty

Rain ..
My friend has gone .. taken by naughty child
However, I'm sure God never sleeps
I'm sure My God seen who's the person
Will surely take vengeance on  who take my humairah

Rain ...
What is the meaning silently crying
Nobody can deny that I was losing
lost friend
It was destined to be my friend ... just for a moment
Humairah is entrusted, 
There should not be too fond of her,
God, thanks to gave Humairah to me, 
really thanks, really gratefull
to passing the days with it
Sorry I have not been able to take care of it kindly
Hopefully it get the good owner
Better it destroyed, than it was exist with the nosy person
Hopefully I reunited with other humairah......
like you
miss u
ur lost
going make me grow up to not being careless in the future


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