Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013

Mask.. how’s load you hide something...?

Slowly but certainly
Bad although just little
Happy although just a moment
Sad although happy beginning
Someone look perfect with life
Someone look really frustrated
Someone look apathetic
Someone look active
What a big glasses
Everything show the reality
Although... cant judge the real of someone
Fake mask..
Hiding on a big smile
Hiding on a calm
Hiding on a window
Is it a fake mask?
Is it really?
Cover not always show the truth
Sometimes someone get deceit by the cover

Fake mask
Hiding a big sincerity
Hiding a big loyality
Hiding a broken
Hiding a big wishes
Fake mask?
Is it really?
can you tell who’s the biggest fool at all?
Fake mask
Around the life
Hide a fact
Hide a lie
Hide a kindness
Hide a sadness
Hide a pressure
With a various mask

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