Jumat, 19 Desember 2014

Thank You for Being a Part Of My Life...

I never guess that I will start my dream here..
I never guess that I will meet with awesome people, around 47 new students were deciding to be student for Food Science and Technology 2011
Im really thankfull to Allah who build our relation till today, yeah.. the last moments that should we enjoy because maybe.. next December we wont cacth this moment :’)
And.. especially for sixth girl who accompany me for every day I take here (this faculty)
I don’t know what the name of our relation
I just knowing that we walk together.. and try to understand each other
But I really thank God that my destiny place me between them
Who have the warm heart, warm hug even if my mom and my  father still have more warm hug than them hehe
This silly girl.. who have much weakness.. and I really thank God.. how bad I am, they still there.. with their love.. with their warm hug..
I never guess that I will have you…
#1 Someone who show her love with her spicy words
#2 someone who show her love with touching words
#3 someone who show her love like my mother words
#4 someone who show her love like an older sister
#5 someone who show her love like a younger sister
#6 someone who show her love with her apathetic style, and deeply touch my heart
Sometimes I didnt understand with my act that look abnormal and strange in your eyes
Sometimes try to clear something, alone..
And finally
God show me that I cant repeat that silly act, I cant go alone.. in some troubles, can’t think  “fine.. I’ll  clear it!”
Because I have friends that will hold my hand.. to walk together
Be a part to clear the trouble..
Cause not only happiness that should be share, but also  painful things
I wont get regret in future
So I should show how grateful I am with this relation.. one of beautiful gift from God, to Me : )
This friendship didn’t perfect
But.. day by day.. every second.. every month.. every year..
Process make everything feel perfect and need to grateful

In something case. This  might be match for it
With you... Everything seems so easy
With you... My heartbeat has found its rhythm
-  Lasse Lindh

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