Senin, 07 September 2015

Aww... Stressed was comin'

I don’t know why my spirit suddenly decreased slowly
I feel..  I will relax, but i am too scare to use much time, and it’ll be wasting time
I ever go astray in Channel 소녀시대 for a while. Just for fun (I think). It made me comeback in my SHS era.
But I know I can’t too deeply watch that reality show (and the other RTV show) or I will be  addicted as soon as possible. Oh nooooo…! Andweee!
After get enough break time, so I must comeback to my main goal, my main target… it will be so heartbreaking if I can’t handle my schedule target x_x
So being serious but still keep enjoy the work hard is something that I wanna apply as myhabit
When we can’t handle it, just ready for got stress…
When we were going stress, internet and google have many articles that show us the symptoms  of stressed, also the steps for handle it.
I ever read some articles. Yeah.. it’s kindly help me to recognize  and solve the symptoms that might be attacked me. But finally, keep in touch with God always be the best way to far away from stressed.
You can try it, and  also it was written in holy Qur’an. You guys can check it in QS:13:28

Wahhh Allah had guaranteed  for calmness, So.. why we must looking for the other step that may be feel so hard for us? Example.. try to do a meditation for a  busy workman. That isn’t wrong to follow the solution that given by expert from literature that you found. But.. if you wanna do a simple thing, just go back to Allah as soon as possible.. to control and managed the stressed impact-symptoms (i.e prayer, listening quran recitation, attend and show more excited for a Islamic study, and hang out with our virtuous friends).
This article didn’t mean that I were success to manage my stress, I just on process to apply that. I ever going to doctor to consult something.  So.. the doctor ever tell me about my Amenorrhea. She said, that’s happen caused by stress.

Oh I’m shock. I  just go to do introspection. “how far am I with My God so this is can be happen?” I said just in my mind. Honestly.. I ever feel sad and disappointed to myself, it means.. my prayer that time didn’t enough to control my stressed.  Maybe in the past, I too push my self to do my homework and my eating time just irregularly.
So stressed just coming easy..

So day by day.. I’m aware.. I must change and do some precious time to not be stressed overload. For example make time for work, for sport, for praying, manage my eating time-- > much drink for mineral water, try to love vegetable especially that contain betacaroten (its good for our eyes, cause it will change  to be vitamin A when we consumed it),  antosianin  from dark blue/purple vegetables (Its an anti-oxide for prevent cancer of course), and green vegetables  (for anti aging hahaha).

Stress stress stress
It’s realllyyyy dangerous guys.
I ever read that stressed overload can made something trouble in brain of someone, finally it closest to alzhaemer. Wana’udzu billah..
I won’t it happend to my self and of course you guys, so.. enjoy ur study time, ur eating time, ur prayer time,  and your jogging time. Keep make it balance, so u can managed  your stressed.

-OUT of the TOPIC- kekekeke ^^
Aha! One thing that being our habit is NOMOPHOBIA --> a habit when we couldn’t be apart from mobile phone.. I feeling unweel, if interaction between our eyes,our hands with mobile phone in a looong time maybe one day will give a effect that we can’t guess (wana’udzubillah). Lets together improve, try and learn to change.. and be better :’) I hope we always in a health condition to do productive, meaningful, and wonderful things in our life .. aamiin. Let get closer to Allah, and all of things that made we get closer to Him  ^_^

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