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Man in The Black Area

(note: maaf yaa d bawah ini: writing in english..  lagi belajar membiasakan diri :’) enjoy ya

What happened with that man?
Why was he mark at the black area?
There is no something wrong with that man
The title will tell you about the woman
Yap. Relation about the woman and that man
Check this out

Woman is the most gorgeous human that Allah ever created. She can impressed much people with some interest thing that she has. Woman often be a super-woman who at the same time can teach her children for math, prepare the dinner, iron the closthes, sweep the room, watch TV, read Qur’an, do some course, and do some quality time with social media. Shortly, She was amazing. We won’t be ever stop speaking about woman.  : )
But every woman absolutely has a weakness. Yes.. Nobody’s perfect. One thing that can make a woman being weak. Some woman were weak of her feeling especially, to understand her own feeling. It sometimes happened when she stayed at same place with man, and maybe did the same things. Moreover if she did a thing with a man so frequently, I think it was no doubt if they will be had a feeling each other. And the situation would be difficult when the girl was awared that she had that feeling. I don’t know how to describe it. It may be called “admire” or “falling in love”. Absolutely she would be felt more confused when the man gave some signal to her. Yes, at the beginning we can not judge what the meaning of his signal. And  at this case, much women that fall to his trap. Because no guaranteed about his seriousness on you just with a signal for example texting frequently, staring more than three second, be so caring, etc. It was not a sign of a seriousness, he should do the right thing, “Marry you” or “Leave you and then coming back again when he was ready for serious relation”. So which was that you choose? Was played? Or was taken at serious way?  ^^
When you, sister was falling for this case “falling in love at confusing time”. I know admire someone, it was not a mistake but sometimes the time and decision that we take, just make a big mistake.
The first thing is being aware that is a  temptation  from the evil. So scary right?.. Evil did un-imagine method to make us go away from Allah’s rules. We just need to think again and again about this. Wanna stayed at absurd relation ? :’) or keep moving on ? So, keep In touch with God, He must be the best decision maker. The woman (of course me ^^) should be clever to understand the sign that given by some men; clever to handle the feeling; clever to avoid the trap of the evil, and try hard to divert that feeling into quality activity (if he don’t serious on you) and keep improve to be better person. Don’t worry you’re not alone.. I was always learning about this all the time..  I know how hard it is dear. :’’)
Don’t be upset
Don’t be so down
And don’t be trapped at the black area of him. It called “black area”, to describe the unseriousness of the man reaction about his and your feeling, and also to describe the “haraam relation before married” two of you guys. He does not worthy for you yet. He does not worthy to thinking about yet. And it was wrong if we were spending much time at the front of mirror just looking for the best clothes to face him. It does not mean “you can’t make a relation with him”. Of course not, you should keep ur friendship chain, but do not pass the limit ^^.  Remember.. no dating before married ^^ whateva that relation’s names. So, just made a limit that can prevent you to entry that into black area, the area that was favourite of Evil… huhuhu TT,TT… I know you can do it.
Let’s move up girls!
Start to improve our self and then try to ask our heart “ Am I suitable for him? “ “Is it the best moment to built a new relation?”. If you feel “no”. So let’s try slowly but sure to be better moeslim than yesterday.
Let’s make our self worth to get the best man,  with being a better moeslim in faced of God, first. A man who don’t play with ur feeling and of course keep his self to his woman black area :’) Don’t forget to keep praying, ask to be pair later with the best man that will be choosen by God and ask for will be reconcilable at the best moment, because God never wrong :’ )
I hope you can be istiqamah.. keep in touch with God and some virtuous friends. I’m sure…They will notice when you falls to the wrong path… :’)
Hope you meet your halal partner really soon. Be carefull of your feeling, stay aware, and don’t be trap to black area hehee..

XoXo from your moeslimah sister
khofiyaa rizki
*mohon dikoreksi jika ada kesalahan penulisan :) thx


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