Selasa, 06 September 2016

Are You Though Enough Dearest?

4 thof July 2016

 I just wanna say that I’m so sorry for one my besties (bestfriend). These days (I mean this last 3 months), I’m aware that in some case I did not do a “thing” maximally. I feel bad for her because the leader should give her some tasks that actually she does not need to control it before. Actually I also try to solve that tasks, but maybe my efforts look like a turtle (in leader’s eyes). Finally it was really shameful to talk directly with the lead of team, because she has hand over my tasks on my besties. T.T
Ow.. I’m really feel guilty to her, besides that I know she is also facing a hard thing right now. I can  not tell you what it is, because it connected to her privacy, her problem that toooo private. It likes dilemma. That problem required her to always be happy, but I’m pretty afraid that “these task from leader” would make her frustating. This situation made me so sad. I will offer my self to reduce her loads, but I don’t  know.. I’m just a little sure  that she can not trust me already to handle even if “one simple thing”.
I can not say it directly to you, and also to the leader. The past times really gave me complex lessons  that made me thinking it over and over again, when I face a simple till a hard mandate. I just wanna say that, wheneva you need a help, please…. Don’t be doubt to ask on me.  I will try my best to help you, I won’t see you hurt and  be tough by your self because of these duties.

I’m really  admire ur spirit, ur sincerety, ur manner. All of that made me impressed, and push me day by day  to be someone stronger like you..

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